Everyone has heard about the worst virus spread in the world. This virus called Coronavirus or COVID-19 can spread very easily and very quickly. Recently, media reports in China have found that the virus can spread through the airborne.

Those with symptoms (cough and cold) should wear mouth and nose covers so that drops or fluid secretions do not spread when speaking, coughing and sneezing.

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Flu Chinese Herbs Treatment

What is Influenza?

Influenza is a disease caused by the influenza virus that infects the respiratory tract. It can cause symptoms of mild or serious infection. In some cases, it can endanger the life of an infected person.

In temperate countries, outbreaks occur more frequently during the winter while for tropical countries along the Equator (including Malaysia), outbreaks occur throughout the year without a specific season.


What are the symptoms of Influenza?

Usually, the symptoms of influenza begin 1 or 2 days after infection, and include:

1) Fever
2) Common cold
3) Sore throat
4) Cough
5) Headache
6) Body ache
7) Hard to breathe
8) Diarrhea and abdominal pain (especially in children)

Frequent influenza virus infection is simply a symptom of mild infection in most people with good levels of immunity.


How does Influenza spread?

Influenza is spread from an infected person to another through respiratory droplets when speaking, coughing or sneezing. These drops can contaminate the surface and cause infection to individuals who touch the surface.


The Tole’s Way of Medication – Flu Herbal Herbs Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

Alternative Flu Herbal Treatment: Flu can be treated with THE TOLE’s acupuncture flu herbal medicine. For the recovery time, it’s all depend on how long and how severe the problem is. You can also order our flu herbs medicine through the net and we will courier the Flu herbs medicine to you.
If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms:



Flu Herbal Treatment

What is flu?

Flu is usually defined as an upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus that usually affects the nose but can also affect the throat, sinuses, eustachian tubes, trachea, larynx and bronchial tubes – but not the lungs.

Statistically, flu is the most common disease worldwide. Flu is usually caused by a virus. The most common cause of the flu is rhinovirus. Flu can also be called coryza, nasopharynx, rhinopharyngitis, and sniffles.


What are the signs and symptoms of the flu?

Common symptoms are:

1) Cough.
2) Fever.
3) Sore throat.
4) Hard to breathe.
5) The nose is clogged and gets worse and worse.
6) Will breathe through the mouth because of nasal congestion.

Other symptoms include:

1) Sneeze.
2) Tiredness.
3) Headache.
4) Lose appetite.
5) Vomiting and diarrhea.


The Tole’s Way of Medication – Flu Herbal Herbs Medicine Acupuncture Treatment
Alternative Flu Herbal Treatment: Flu can be treated with THE TOLE’s acupuncture flu herbal medicine. For the recovery time, it’s all depend on how long and how severe the problem is. You can also order our flu herbs medicine through the net and we will courier the Flu herbs medicine to you.

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms:




Flu Herbs Treatment

Definition of Flu

Flu is a disease caused by a viral infection that can attack the nose, throat, and lungs. Flu or influenza is very common in the transition season. This disease is easily transmitted to others, especially when the first 3-4 days after the infected with the flu virus.

Symptoms of the flu that are commonly felt by the sufferer are fever, headache, coughing, aches, loss of appetite, and sore throat. Flu symptoms will get worse for 2-4 days before finally improving and recovering.


Risk Factors for Flu

Although the flu can attack everyone, but there are some people who are quite vulnerable to the flu virus. Example:

1) Having a weak immune system.
2) Pregnant or just giving birth.
3) Toddler and elderly.
4) Have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, or obesity.
5) Work or live in public facilities.
6) The body is in a condition that is not fit or lack of rest.


The Tole’s Way of Medication – Flu Herbal Herbs Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

Alternative Flu Herbal Treatment: Flu can be treated with THE TOLE’s acupuncture flu herbal medicine. For the recovery time, it’s all depend on how long and how severe the problem is. You can also order our flu herbs medicine through the net and we will courier the Flu herbs medicine to you.

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms:


Novel Coronavirus Herbal Tea

What is Novel Coronavirus?

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) first detected in Wuhan, China which is a virus that identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that include common colds and viruses such as SARS and MERS. Coronavirus is a zoonotic virus, which means that it is transmitted through animals and humans.


Steps to Prevent Coronavirus

Currently, there is no vaccine that can prevent coronavirus. However, the ways you can avoid the spread of coronavirus are :

1) Wash your hands more often with soap and water, at least 20 seconds.

2) Avoid touching hands, nose or mouth with hands that have not been washed.

3) Avoid close contact with sick people.

4) Clean items that you frequently touch.

5) Close your mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue and wash your hands immediately.

6) Stay home if sick.


How does this virus spread?

The spread of coronavirus from human to human is something that has not been specifically studied. However, it is believed that the spread of coronavirus is through fluids released from the respiratory system.

Some possible coronavirus transmitters are :

1) Through the air (coughing and sneezing without closing your mouth).

2) Through the touch or handshake of an infected person.

3) Make contact with surfaces or objects contained by the virus, and then touch the nose, eyes or mouth.

4) Sometimes, the coronavirus is spread through contact with feces.


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TheTole Online Haze Herbal Tea

Everyone have seen the worst haze video in the Kalimantan Indonesia Air Pollution Index already hit 1000. Everyone knows when haze season must be wearing a mask. Even wearing a mask is not enough because dust can still get into the nose. Some talk about wearing a full cover type and some say blue on the outside and some on the blue inside. But is it really safe?

The safest way is to sit quietly in the house. Make sure the doors and windows are closed tightly. Beneath the door with a hole make sure it is covered with a damp cloth so that the incoming breeze does not bring dust into your home.

For patients with diabetes and stroke it is not advisable to go out of the house because they are worried that it will get worse. Here I share the famous Malaysian herbal treatment for all types of diseases at The Tole Acupuncture KL Center located in the “Menara KH” building. Or you can find herbs below:


This herbal tea must be consumed   1 packet/day and suitable for 1 person dosage only.   It is recommended to take the herbal tea at least 1 week.

To make this herbal tea, you just only need to dunk the herbal sachet into hot water in a flask bottle and drink it throughout the day. So easy! You can get it from here:

If you   do not have asthma condition , please order from this link:

If you   have Severe Asthma condition , please order form this link:

If you have any question or want to customize to your health conditions, please fell free to contact TheTole through FacebookWhatsApp or Instagram.


Migraine Tea Herbs

Migrain Trigger

Migraines can be very painful and can cause work disruption. One day migraine can be less painful. Depending on the cause of the attack each person may differ. Therefore, migraines have many types of conditions.

We need to know what kind of migraine we have. Causes of weather by temperature such as exposure to sunlight, bad air and sudden changes in temperature. If the cause of food like strong chilli and spicy food can also cause migraine.

Next cause of migraine is cold. For example strong air such as fan and air conditioner at high temperature. Not suitable for migraine sufferers and therefore need to use moderate or low temperatures.

Finally the cause of migraine is from stress. Examples of stress in the workplace such as working hard, worrying about not achieving the set goals can lead to anxiety, lack of sleep because overtime can also cause stress.

Herbal Tea Treatment For Migraine

There are best herbal tea places for migraine triggers. This place is famous for getting migraine herbal tea available at TheTole Shop. This is Thetole’s medicine of the 4 types of migraine. Of course Master says there are many more types, but these 4 are a very common type of trigger that can be treated with herbal formulas and is very easy to order.


Migraine Online Herbs Treatment

Migraine can be very painful someday and other days can be less painful. Depending on each attack the degree of pain is different. Depending on each condition can be different. Reason of trigger can be different be different as well. So all migraine has different type of conditions.

We need to find out types of migraine, weather trigger by heat and cold temperature sensitive we call that or working under the sun triggers migraine (temperature trigger). It could be other type for example it could be food sensitive. Certain people can take hot paper, cili padi, strong chili, pungent food that can trigger as well. This is call heaty type or lots of fried chicken this is also call heaty type.

Another type is cooling type, when raining, expose to strong aircond, expose to wind, expose to fan, and taking a lot of cold drink this is called chilled type. The fourth type is the last common one is stress. Stress is when you working very hard, overtime, you can’t fulfill your target on time, you always missed your target and you got near your target, impossible task the stress is so high than the trigger your migraine or it could be no sleep, lack of sleep, short sleep from stress that trigger it, is also under stress.

So this is 4 types of migraine. For good type herbal medicine is herbal tea formula. A well known place for it you can find that we have found is at thetole shop. These are Thetole’s Way of medication of these 4 types of migraine. Of course there are many more types of migraine, but these 4 types are very general types which can be treated with the herbal formula very easy to order

Pokemon Malaysia Brain Improvement


“Pokemon GO Helps to improve brain development”, says World Renown Acupuncturist Master TOLE


Pokemon GO which was released by Nintendo just last week has created a storm all over the world. Just last week alone, it has become a global phenomenon. With Pokémon GO, you’ll discover Pokémon in a whole new world—your own! Pokémon GO is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and will use real locations to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon. Pokémon GO allows you to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokémon as you explore your surroundings.
Not losing out on this new phenomenon, world renown acupuncturist, Master TOLE from Kuala Lumpur tried out the game on his own and was amazed with it. According to Master TOLE, Pokemon GO is so fun and addictive. “It makes me feel like a child again” said Master TOLE. “But the most important thing is that it can help to improve brain development in kids. Kids suffering from complex disorders of brain development are encouraged to play and must be accompanied by the parents or guardians. And of course, when the kids are playing, please be extra careful”, Master TOLE quips.

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True Story: Leukemia Patient, Mr.Salem A. A.

On 11th June 2013, Mr. Salem A. A. had diagnosed suffering from Chronic Leukemia. During the CT scan of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, doctor found that there were large perihilar nodes seen measuring between 1-2.5cm bilaterally encasing the pulmonary vessels but not compressing them. In his abdomen, there were large para-aortic and paracaval nodes encasing the large vessels and stretching the coeliac artery, superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery. The IVC was compressed by those nodes. Smaller mesenteric nodes were also seen. The largest node measured between 10 to 12cm. His liver was enlarged but enhancing homogeneously with no focal liver parenchymal lesion noted with measured approximately 20cm in liver span while the spleen also enlarged with 18cm in measurement. There were pelvic nodes and inguinal nodes seen too.

Malaysia Acupuncture Centre

Finding the BEST Malaysia Acupuncture Centre? Still hesitate to choose which Malaysia acupuncture centre is the most effective? Don’t worry. We are here to help you solving your problems.

Malaysia acupuncture centre usually an integrated health and wellbeing centre that offering alternative acupuncture treatment to the people who need a comprehensive spiritual and physical treatment. They look at each patient as an individual who really need a care, advice, and neat management of diet, emotions, behavior, lifestyle, also environment. Therefore, the health level of each patient is different. It depends on the condition of patient’s body.

Malaysia Acupuncture Treatment by Chinese Master

Malaysia Acupuncture: The most powerful Malaysia acupuncture treatment from famous Chinese Master in Malaysia.

malaysia acupuncture

Malaysia Acupuncture Needles

In Malaysia, acupuncture treatment technique has already known by a large number of people. However, majority of Malaysians are afraid to try this acupuncture treatment technique. This is because the fear of the needle’s pricking shackle in them. For your information, Malaysia acupuncture is one of the treatment methods that are very safe and efficient. It is guaranteed not to give any bad side effects to the patients. Unlike other treatment methods which are very painful and of course requires high cost.

Acupuncture Centre – Fantastic Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture centre has been established a lot nowadays. But, the most well-known one is The Tole Acupuncture-Herbal Medical Centre Sdn Bhd which was located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This acupuncture centre starts operating since 20 years ago and conducted by a very famous Chinese Master named The Tole.

This acupuncture centre has achieved a lot of breakthrough. Chinese Master has been awarded as World First Class Physician by China and he also received The Honorable Merit Award and The Han Dynasty Antique Needles Award from China. The latest award that he has received is Honorable Merit from the Royal of Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia).

Best Acupuncture in The World

Finding the best and proper cure for certain disease was very tough. This is why many patients with chronic disease feel despair to heal. They find themselves have no chance to continue living like everyone else. They are WRONG! This is because they not yet found the great and most effective cure in the world. Here, I would like to recommend the best treatment method that can cure most of the diseases. The treatment method that I mean is Acupuncture treatment technique.

Acupuncture – An alternative treatment that being used since 5000 years ago. It is originated from China and is the oldest treatment method in the world. Very fine needles will be pierced on patient’s body which called acupuncture points. There are over 2000 acupuncture points on human body where each point has different effects. This best acupuncture treatment method is still being practiced by a very famous Chinese Master in the world.

Best Acupuncture in KL (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The Tole Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Centre is one of a well-known acupuncture treatment centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The treatment centre is run by a very famous Chinese Master named The Tole. He has treating thousands of patients from within the country and also abroad. His acupuncture technique was very effective until he was honored from the Royal of Negeri Sembilan.

Best Acupuncture Centre

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In Malaysia, there are many acupuncture centres have been opened. All of them have a different perspective of treatment. But, for me, the best acupuncture centre is The Tole Acupuncture-Herbal Medical Centre which located in Kuala Lumpur.

Best Acupuncture Treatment in Malaysia

In Malaysia, how many people would try acupuncture? I bet almost half of Malaysian afraid to try acupuncture treatment. This maybe because some think that acupuncture is less efficient than western treatment and requires longer time for treatment. Moreover, in this modern world which full with advanced technology, many people already had forgotten the old. So sad!

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Best Acupuncture Treatment Technique

acupuncture, chinese master, herbal, herbs, medicine

Acupuncture is one of the treatment methods that everyone should try. This is because acupuncture is a natural treatment method that does not use any chemical substance and will not cause any side effects. Fine needles will be pricked at acupuncture points on the meridians of patient’s body in order to stimulate back the energy flow called ‘Qi’ which was stuck.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

The cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown but appears to be multifactorial. Engel’s biopsychosocial model of chronic illness (ie, health status and outcomes in chronic illness are influenced by the interaction of biologic, psychologic, and sociologic factors) is a useful way to approach fibromyalgia.

Signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Signs and symptoms for Fibromyalgia
Signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary, depending on the weather, stress, physical activity or even the time of day. Common signs and symptoms include:

  • Widespread pain. Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain in specific areas of your body when pressure is applied, including the back of your head, upper back and neck, upper chest, elbows, hips and knees. The pain generally persists for months at a time and is often accompanied by stiffness.


You hurt all over, and you frequently feel exhausted. Even after numerous tests, your doctor can’t find anything specifically wrong with you. If this sounds familiar, you may have fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as fatigue and multiple tender points — places on your body where slight pressure causes pain.Fibromyalgia is more common in women than in men. Previously, fibromyalgia was known by other names such as fibrositis, chronic muscle pain syndrome, psychogenic rheumatism and tension myalgias.

Although the intensity of your symptoms may vary, they’ll probably never disappear completely. It may be reassuring to know, however, that fibromyalgia isn’t progressive or life-threatening. Treatments and self-care steps can improve fibromyalgia symptoms and your general health.

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9 Types of Pain in Menopause

  • Breast Pain

Women will feel a breast pain during menstrual period, pregnancy and during menopause. The breast pain occurs because of the estrogen and progestrogen hormones level is not balance. If you have a breast pains for a long time (more than a month) or breast lumps, please seek a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Joint pain

Women complaint about joint pain, when menopause start. Joint pain occurs because of the estrogen hormones are imbalance. Estrogen hormones are having anti-inflammation for our body. When it is imbalance, your body will get inflammation, pain and tissues damage You can release the pain by doing some muscle strength exercise.

Spermatozoa Disorder

Spermatozoa are a male reproductive cell. It produced from testis. The different between spermatozoa and sperm is – Spermatozoa are the actual genetic material-carrying cells but the sperm is including fluid, cells, hormones and others. Testis produced spermatozoa and hormones. Spermatozoa leave testes and go into epididymus, then from the epididymus enter into vas deferens, last it will enter into Ejaculatory duct.

About 40% of cases are attributable to male factors, 40% to factors affecting women, 20% are a combination of male and female factors. Man and women have the same percentage factor causes infertility.

In most of the cases, sperm disorder is one of the cause men infertility problems.

10 Changes of Menopause

  • Allergies

Women will experience allergic during menopause. Different people will have different sign and type of allergic. The symptoms of allergies include skin itchy, redness, eye watery, throat itchy, sneezing, runny nose, vomit or difficult breathing after eat a specific food or contact to some of the materials.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue most happen on women who are in menopause. Fatigue includes feeling weakness, tiredness, lack of energy. Fatigue can causes by hormone or other disease. More than 80% of women during menopause will have fatigue.

  • Weight gain

Other than age or lifestyle causes weight gain for women, hormones also play a main role during menopause. During menopause, hormones will have a big change and it will cause the weight gain. The hormones have a very complex function in our body.  The hormone that causes weight gain is estrogen, androgen, progesterone, testosterone and insulin.

6 Most Common Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms will occur during menopause. Different women will have different symptoms. Some of the women did not show any symptoms during menopause.

6 Most Common Symptoms that will occur during menopause:

  1. Hot flashes
    • Hot flashes also called hot flushed. Sometime hot flashes come with other symptoms such as heat, red and flushed on the face and with sweating at night.Hot flashes are very common symptoms during menopause. Hot flashes occur because estrogens in the body are decreasing. Hot Flashes can be control through changing your lifestyle or from your diet.
  2. Night sweat
    • Research shows more than 70% women who experiencing menopause will have a night sweat symptoms. A lot of women do feel disturb when the night sweat occur when they are sleeping. The scientists believe that the hormones are the exact reason that causes night sweat.  Night sweat can be control or treated by a alternative treatment and through your diet.
  3. Irregular Periods
    • This is a characteristic of symptoms for menopause. A normal period will start after 25 to 31 days. Irregular period causes by changes of hormones. More than 95% of women will experience irregular period during menopause. If after 1 year you do not have period, it means the menopause has end.


Ovaries will stop produce egg and hormones estrogen and progesterone when menopause starts. Menopause occurs as a part of a woman’s normal aging process. Every woman will experience menopause in their middle age.

A woman will start menopause during 45-55years old. However, women may also start their menopause early at 30s or may not occur until women reach 60s year old. During the menopause period, women may experience period become less frequent (not occur every month. Period may stop for a time period then start again.).

When period had stop for more than 12months, it means the menopause had already complete and step into post-menopause. When menopause had completed the women will not get pregnant again. When a woman having a period, hormones that produce from the ovaries will increase or decrease. After menopause complete the hormone will stay at a low level and it will not increase again.

Women always worry about menopause because it will brings out a lot of bad effect or what we call it symptoms. However, we can reduce the symptoms, if we have a well prepare. This is why some of the woman did not show any symptoms during their menopause. Seek for a treatment if you feel not comfortable for the symptoms during menopause. Medicine and exercise can help to reduce the symptoms.

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Causes and Symptoms of Paralysis

Causes of Paralysis

There is a lot of factors will causes Paralysis. The following is the most common causes of paralysis.

  • Stroke

Stroke will happen when the blood supplies are disturbed and brain cells starved of oxygen, this will cause the brain cells damage. Stroke is more often occur on the people who are older 40 years old and those who smoke and drinks alcohol.

  • Spinal Cord Injury

A part of spinal cord get injury will cause lower side of your body paralysis. It can occur in any age and male and female.

  • Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is more common on women than men. Multiple Sclerosis affect the nerve cell that ability to connect between spinal cord and brain.


Paralysis Overview


Paralysis is the loss of muscle movement in the body. Most of the time, paralysis occurs is because of the nerves problem affect the brain could not control the muscle.  The central nervous system and sensory nerves is to control the sense of movement. If the nervous system had been disturbed or it is blocked, it will affect our muscle movement.

Paralysis can occur only at one side of our body or maybe both sides. Some of the patients only occur at the lower half of the body or maybe at the left or at the right side. Paralysis can causes by nerve injury, stroke and others disease that will attack nervous system. Stroke will cause a sudden paralysis. Other than that, exposure under toxins will also cause paralysis.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

The following is the most common symptoms of ADD:

  • Inattentive
  • Lack to organize the things
  • Did not listen to people
  • Could not follow instructions or finish homework
  • Avoiding the things that need a lot of thought
  • Loses things that needed for daily tasks (water bottle, pencil or books)
  • Forgetfulness. Often forget for the daily tasks or activities.
  • Inability to begin an activity
  • Could not finish the things or task that they had already started

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

For normal people, if we want to get the thing done well, we have to fully focus on only one thing. For a normal people, focus on a thing is very easy, but this is a difficult task for an attention deficit disorder patients. People with ADD could not pay attention on one thing for a long time. This causes many people had an misunderstanding on ADD patient. They thought the patient are lazy, inattentive and having a bad attitude. Now, we have a look on “What is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)”.