Migraine Online Herbs Treatment

Migraine can be very painful someday and other days can be less painful. Depending on each attack the degree of pain is different. Depending on each condition can be different. Reason of trigger can be different be different as well. So all migraine has different type of conditions.

We need to find out types of migraine, weather trigger by heat and cold temperature sensitive we call that or working under the sun triggers migraine (temperature trigger). It could be other type for example it could be food sensitive. Certain people can take hot paper, cili padi, strong chili, pungent food that can trigger as well. This is call heaty type or lots of fried chicken this is also call heaty type.

Another type is cooling type, when raining, expose to strong aircond, expose to wind, expose to fan, and taking a lot of cold drink this is called chilled type. The fourth type is the last common one is stress. Stress is when you working very hard, overtime, you can’t fulfill your target on time, you always missed your target and you got near your target, impossible task the stress is so high than the trigger your migraine or it could be no sleep, lack of sleep, short sleep from stress that trigger it, is also under stress.

So this is 4 types of migraine. For good type herbal medicine is herbal tea formula. A well known place for it you can find that we have found is at thetole shop. These are Thetole’s Way of medication of these 4 types of migraine. Of course there are many more types of migraine, but these 4 types are very general types which can be treated with the herbal formula very easy to order

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