Ovaries will stop produce egg and hormones estrogen and progesterone when menopause starts. Menopause occurs as a part of a woman’s normal aging process. Every woman will experience menopause in their middle age.

A woman will start menopause during 45-55years old. However, women may also start their menopause early at 30s or may not occur until women reach 60s year old. During the menopause period, women may experience period become less frequent (not occur every month. Period may stop for a time period then start again.).

When period had stop for more than 12months, it means the menopause had already complete and step into post-menopause. When menopause had completed the women will not get pregnant again. When a woman having a period, hormones that produce from the ovaries will increase or decrease. After menopause complete the hormone will stay at a low level and it will not increase again.

Women always worry about menopause because it will brings out a lot of bad effect or what we call it symptoms. However, we can reduce the symptoms, if we have a well prepare. This is why some of the woman did not show any symptoms during their menopause. Seek for a treatment if you feel not comfortable for the symptoms during menopause. Medicine and exercise can help to reduce the symptoms.

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