6 Most Common Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms will occur during menopause. Different women will have different symptoms. Some of the women did not show any symptoms during menopause.

6 Most Common Symptoms that will occur during menopause:

  1. Hot flashes
    • Hot flashes also called hot flushed. Sometime hot flashes come with other symptoms such as heat, red and flushed on the face and with sweating at night.Hot flashes are very common symptoms during menopause. Hot flashes occur because estrogens in the body are decreasing. Hot Flashes can be control through changing your lifestyle or from your diet.
  2. Night sweat
    • Research shows more than 70% women who experiencing menopause will have a night sweat symptoms. A lot of women do feel disturb when the night sweat occur when they are sleeping. The scientists believe that the hormones are the exact reason that causes night sweat. ┬áNight sweat can be control or treated by a alternative treatment and through your diet.
  3. Irregular Periods
    • This is a characteristic of symptoms for menopause. A normal period will start after 25 to 31 days. Irregular period causes by changes of hormones. More than 95% of women will experience irregular period during menopause. If after 1 year you do not have period, it means the menopause has end.
  4. Loss of Libido
    • Around 40 percent of women will aware their libido is decreased during menopause. Women felt loss of interest in sexual activity. Hormones imbalance causes loss of libido. Through some exercise, foods and medicine can control the hormones and reduce this symptom.
  5. Vaginal Dryness
    • Moisture level in vaginal are control by the hormones. More than 60% of women experience a vaginal dryness symptom during menopause. Estrogen decrease during menopause causes the vaginal tissues becomes dry, thin and less elastic. Women who have vaginal dryness will feel pain during intercourse, burning and itching. This symptom can be treated by the alternative treatment and exercise.
  6. Mood Swings
    • Another characteristic for menopause is the mood always changing up and down. Women in menopause will feel very depression, tension, irritability all the time. Mood swings is very common during menopause. Almost 80% of women have mood swings during menopause. Anyway, you can control it through some treatment.
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