Super Baby Almost Gets 99% Cured from ADHD Syndrome

This is a story about a little boy name Super Baby. He was only 2 years old since he has been diagnosed suffering from severe ADHD Syndrome by Chinese Master. His condition was very bad. He can’t speak, no voice from his mouth, no eye contact, no alertness and always disobeying orders. Besides that, he […]

5 Years Old Child Get Treated

Name : Waleed Age : 5 years Sex : Male Diagnose : Cortical Dysplasia/Hyperactive Disorder (CP) He is having ‘Çortical Dysplasia’ which affects frontal and cerebellum areas and he is also having hyperactive disorder. Slowly detiriorating from normal happy kid became vegetable kid being bad ridden for 4 weeks. Crying day and night cannot even […]