True Story: Leukemia Patient, Mr.Salem A. A.

On 11th June 2013, Mr. Salem A. A. had diagnosed suffering from Chronic Leukemia. During the CT scan of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, doctor found that there were large perihilar nodes seen measuring between 1-2.5cm bilaterally encasing the pulmonary vessels but not compressing them. In his abdomen, there were large para-aortic and paracaval nodes […]

A Prostate Cancer survivor – Alex Lee –

Alex Lee had been diagnosed with a early stage of Prostate Cancer. Alex Lee run a yearly body check in the Hospital. His doctor decide to run a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test for Alex Lee because Alex Lee is 78years old now. Old man will have a higher risk to get a prostate cancer, his […]

3 Types of Prostate Cancer

There is 3 types of  Prostate cancer. Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer is the most common prostate cancer. More than 90% of prostate cancer patient are having a Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer and due to the latest research on US more than 95% had been treated by the treatment. Prostate Adenocarcinoma grow very slow. Most […]

Herbs and Acupuncture for Prostate Cancer

Herbs and Acupuncture is passing down from 5000 year ago. It had been successful experience and  improve by a lot of Chinese Master.  It had been proven herbs and acupuncture can treat cancer. The following is how herbs and acupuncture treat Prostate Cancer.  Relief from Prostate Cancer pain Cancer will bring a lot of side […]

Prostate Cancer

This article we will discuss about what is prostate cancer,the symptoms of prostate cancer, risk factor of prostate cancer and treatment for Prostate Cancer. Prostate is a gland. Prostate have a small walnut shape. Prostate located next to rectum and below to the bladder.Everyday the Prostate will secretion about 2ml of prostate fluid. The prostate […]

The Breast Cancer Survivor

Tong a 28 years old girl. She realized she may have a breast cancer after she saw her nipples invert, weight loss abnormal and no appetite. She went to hospital and run some test. After a few days, she went to take the report and her doctor told her that she have a breast cancer. […]

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Different types of cancer have a different signs and symptoms. Some type of cancer may not show any signs and symptoms in the early stage, the signs and symptoms will show until it get into advanced stage. In a different stage of a cancer will have different signs and symptoms. The following is the most […]

What is Cancer ?

Cancer also called malignant tumors. Cancer occurs when the cell grouped and growth abnormally. Normally, in our body the old cells will die and the new cells will growth. The new cells growth and take over the old cells place. So when our body keep produced new cells in a part of our body and  […]

Miracle of Liver Cancer Patient

There is a man named Mr. Lee who was suffers from 4th stage liver cancer. The tumor was 5 x 7 cm big. Soon after that, doctor noticed there is another tumor in his colon that just started growing. He felt very disappointed and depressed. On November 06, he went for his CEA blood test. […]

Who Will Get Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is the top cancer that attacks many women in the world. This is because many women do not recognize what are the symptoms of breast cancer. Breast Cancer occur when there is a lump in one of your breast. Other than that, breast cancer may include changes on the size or shape of […]

Liver Cancer Disease

Two ways in which cancer can involve the liver. The cancer can arise from the liver itself (primary liver cancer) or it can spread to the liver from a primary tumor at another site (secondary, or metastasis, cancer). In the UK, secondary liver cancer is about 28 times more common than primary liver cancer. Each […]