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Who Will Get Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is the top cancer that attacks many women in the world. This is because many women do not recognize what are the symptoms of breast cancer. Breast Cancer occur when there is a lump in one of your breast. Other than that, breast cancer may include changes on the size or shape of […]

Natalie, The Cerebral Palsy Syndrome Sufferer

Natalie, a cute little girl from USA had suffered from Cerebral Palsy Syndrome (Spastic Diplegia) which are having difficulty in walking, standing, holding, and balancing her body because both of her arms and legs get affected. This causing the muscles in her hips and legs become tight then turn the legs inwards and cross at […]

ADD Syndrome Kid

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is kids that have problem with attention spend and learning problem. These may include restlessness and short attention spend, don’t listen to orders and have problem in learning and scoring good marks in examinations. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is sometimes known as hyperkinetic disorder. To be more clear, here is the […]

Bell Palsy Syndrome

Bell Palsy is a facial paralysis that occurs because of the dysfunction of facial nerves. This was resulting the sufferer is unable to control their facial muscles on the affected side. There are about 25/100 000 person develop Bell Palsy per year. It will increase a little with age and a little higher incidence in […]

Alfred Shows Improvement

Name : Alfred Low W. N Age : 7 years Sex : Male Diagnose : Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Alfred, the 7 years old kid had suffer from severe ADHD. He acts very hyperactive and had behavioral problems. He often screamed in class and did not pay attention to his study. He always get […]

5 Years Old Child Get Treated

Name : Waleed Age : 5 years Sex : Male Diagnose : Cortical Dysplasia/Hyperactive Disorder (CP) He is having ‘Çortical Dysplasia’ which affects frontal and cerebellum areas and he is also having hyperactive disorder. Slowly detiriorating from normal happy kid became vegetable kid being bad ridden for 4 weeks. Crying day and night cannot even […]

Liver Cancer Disease

Two ways in which cancer can involve the liver. The cancer can arise from the liver itself (primary liver cancer) or it can spread to the liver from a primary tumor at another site (secondary, or metastasis, cancer). In the UK, secondary liver cancer is about 28 times more common than primary liver cancer. Each […]