Best Acupuncture Treatment Technique

acupuncture, chinese master, herbal, herbs, medicine

Acupuncture is one of the treatment methods that everyone should try. This is because acupuncture is a natural treatment method that does not use any chemical substance and will not cause any side effects. Fine needles will be pricked at acupuncture points on the meridians of patient’s body in order to stimulate back the energy flow called ‘Qi’ which was stuck.

This treatment technique is actively being practiced by a very famous Chinese Master in Kuala Lumpur. The Chinese Master was known as The Tole. According to The Tole Chinese Master’s point of view, every disease occurs because of imbalance ‘Qi’ in the person’s body. When the energy flow is not balanced, then the organs in the body cannot function properly and become weak.

acupuncture, chinese master, herbal, herbs

Acupuncture Needle

acupuncture, chinese master, herbs, herbal,

Acupuncture Treatment Technique


Besides acupuncture, The Tole Chinese Master also an expert herbalist. He creates his own herbal medicine using the herbs planted in his garden. There are varieties of herbs planted in his garden such as Sabah Snake Grass, Misai Kuching, Tongkat Ali, Mulberry and so on. The herbal medicines are given to the patients so that it can accelerate the recovery process.

Many patients with various types of disease seek acupuncture treatment from The Tole Chinese Master. Some came from abroad as well. All of them experienced a very fantastic and quick improvement. Thus, his acupuncture treatment technique has been recognized as THE BEST acupuncture in the world.

thetole, acupuncture, herbs, herbal, medicine, remedies

Misai Kuching

acupuncture, herbs, herbal, thetole, medicine, remedies


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Here, let’s watch this video. Chinese Master talks about what is acupuncture. Enjoy!

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