Iron Deficiency Anemia – Symptoms, Causes

What is Iron Deficiency Anemia ? Low iron in the red blood cells will develop Iron Deficiency Anemia. It is one of the common anemia disease. Iron is the material to make hemoglobin to bring the oxygen to your body tissues and organ. Due to some research, Iron Deficiency Anemia affected women more than man. […]

Anemia Risk Factors and Causes

In the previous article, we had know a little bit basic about what is anemia. In this articles, we will talk about what causes anemia. To understand the risk factor that causes anemia is very important because once we understand what causes anemia so then we can avoid from it. What the risk factor and […]

Anemia Disease

What is Anemia ? Anemia is the most common blood disease. When the red blood cell in the blood is not enough or the amount of┬áhemoglobin in the red blood are decrease Anemia will develop.The red blood cell will live in our body for 100 days. After the 100 days the old red blood cell […]