9 Types of Pain in Menopause

  • Breast Pain

Women will feel a breast pain during menstrual period, pregnancy and during menopause. The breast pain occurs because of the estrogen and progestrogen hormones level is not balance. If you have a breast pains for a long time (more than a month) or breast lumps, please seek a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Joint pain

Women complaint about joint pain, when menopause start. Joint pain occurs because of the estrogen hormones are imbalance. Estrogen hormones are having anti-inflammation for our body. When it is imbalance, your body will get inflammation, pain and tissues damage You can release the pain by doing some muscle strength exercise.

  • Headaches

Headache during menopause normally occur in one side of the head. There is 3 types of headache that will occur during menopause, it is menstrual migraines, tension headache and sinus headache. Different people will having a different level of headache.  Headache in menopause can be release by acupuncture and alternative herbal medicine.

  • Burning Tongue

Women feel dry, itchy, sore, sticky and numbness in their mouth and tongue when having a burning tongue.  This symptom during menopause is very annoying and pain. Herbal medicine can treat this symptom very effective.

  • Digestive Problem

Women are having a higher risk than men to have digestive problem. Bloating, gas and constipation is the symptoms of digestive problem. A digestive problem may causes by high level of cortisol hormones.

  • Gum Problem

Gum problem such as bleeding, injury, tissues loss or other Gum disease. Gum problem during menopause because of fluctuation of the estrogen level. Gum problem can be prevent from a regular dental check up and from the daily teeth and mouth clean.

  • Muscle Tension

Muscle tension causes by the imbalance estrogen level. Muscle tension will occur on neck, shoulder, back and abdominal. To release the muscle tension you can take some effective herbal medicine and acupuncture without any side effect.

  • Itchy Skin

Feeling itchy on skin during menopause is one of the common symptoms. Many women reported about a itchy skin during menopause. The skin may have bumps, rash, red and dry. Put moisturizer on your skin and take more water can help you to reduce the itchy skin.

  • Tingling Extremities

Normally, tingling extremities will appear on hands, legs, and arms. Women will feel numbness, burning sensation, more sensitive on affecting area. It can be in a complicated case.

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