Causes and Symptoms of Paralysis

Causes of Paralysis There is a lot of factors will causes Paralysis. The following is the most common causes of paralysis. Stroke Stroke will happen when the blood supplies are disturbed and brain cells starved of oxygen, this will cause the brain cells damage. Stroke is more often occur on the people who are older […]

Paralysis Overview

Paralysis Paralysis is the loss of muscle movement in the body. Most of the time, paralysis occurs is because of the nerves problem affect the brain could not control the muscle.  The central nervous system and sensory nerves is to control the sense of movement. If the nervous system had been disturbed or it is […]

Miller Fisher Syndrome

Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS) is a disease that reported by C.Miller Fisher at 1956. Miller Fisher Syndrome is a type of Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS). Miller Fisher is a rare and acute Polyneuritis Disease. Patient will have movement problem, eye muscle paralysis, and more than 40% of patient will feel hard to swallow.When the immune system […]

True Story of Acupuncture Treatment

This is a true story about a patient suffer from stroke which causing his right side body become paralyzed. His name is Mr. Teoh, 52 years old. He was still in recovery process from stroke when he fell and get injured his head. This caused his another blood dot not operable since his body was […]

Bell Palsy Syndrome

Bell Palsy is a facial paralysis that occurs because of the dysfunction of facial nerves. This was resulting the sufferer is unable to control their facial muscles on the affected side. There are about 25/100 000 person develop Bell Palsy per year. It will increase a little with age and a little higher incidence in […]