Spermatozoa Disorder

Spermatozoa are a male reproductive cell. It produced from testis. The different between spermatozoa and sperm is – Spermatozoa are the actual genetic material-carrying cells but the sperm is including fluid, cells, hormones and others. Testis produced spermatozoa and hormones. Spermatozoa leave testes and go into epididymus, then from the epididymus enter into vas deferens, last it will enter into Ejaculatory duct.

About 40% of cases are attributable to male factors, 40% to factors affecting women, 20% are a combination of male and female factors. Man and women have the same percentage factor causes infertility.

In most of the cases, sperm disorder is one of the cause men infertility problems.

Spermatozoa disorder maybe due to:

  • Abnormal sperm – Normal sperm have a head and a tail. Abnormal sperm have a head or tail defects.
  • Lack of ejaculate – Ejaculate late to occur or return back to the bladder.
  • Impaired sperm mobility – Sperm that do not move (death) or slow.
  • Spermatozoa decrease – Spermatozoa count lower than 20 million per ml.


Spermatozoa Disorder causes

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Getting old
  • Environment Toxins
  • Disease treatment
  • Drugs using
  • Infection
  • Hormones decrease


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