Herbs and Acupuncture for Prostate Cancer

Herbs and Acupuncture is passing down from 5000 year ago. It had been successful experience and  improve by a lot of Chinese Master.  It had been proven herbs and acupuncture can treat cancer. The following is how herbs and acupuncture treat Prostate Cancer.

  1.  Relief from Prostate Cancer pain
    • Cancer will bring a lot of side effect to the patient. Most of the time the treatment will bring others side effect to the patient. Pain is a very common side effect for a cancer patient. In the late stage of Prostate Cancer the patient may feel a pain in the bones or when they urine. Acupuncture can help the patient to reduce and manage their pain.
  2.  Control the Prostate cancer cell growth & spread
    • If the patient or doctor did not manage well, the cancer cells will keep on growing and the tumors will become bigger and bigger. When prostate cancer become worst, it will spread to other organ through lymph nodes. The cancer cells may spread into bones, bladder, liver or other organs. Taking the herbs and acupuncture together can help to control the cancer cells not to growth and spread into other organs.
  3. Manage the Prostate Cancer symptoms
    • Most of the time if prostate cancer patient did not diagnosed the prostate cancer at the early stage, they will have some annoying symptoms such as feeling pain when urine, tiredness, leg weakness, and etc. Acupuncture had shows that reduce the symptoms, after the acupuncture session most of the patient feel better than before, they will not feel pain when urine, their leg feel more stronger, the patient get more appetite and so on.  (much more about the symptoms of prostate cancer).
  4. Improve the quality life of Prostate Cancer patient
    • As we mention above the herbs and acupuncture can help to reduce the symptoms and pain. At the same time, it can also improve your sleep, reduce your stress, regain your weight, improve your appetite and much much more. Acupuncture and herbs can help you to feel better than ever !

Nowadays, a lot of cancer patient would like to try the acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat their disease, it is because it can decrease their symptoms and treat them more effectively.

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