The Breast Cancer Survivor

Tong a 28 years old girl. She realized she may have a breast cancer after she saw her nipples invert, weight loss abnormal and no appetite. She went to hospital and run some test. After a few days, she went to take the report and her doctor told her that she have a breast cancer. She was so sad and shocked even she know that before getting the result but she still cannot accept the truth. Her family was with her that time, they keep to cheer her up. She knew that that is just only one way to go – get a treatment and live happy.

Her family and friends help her to search for the best treatment. She hopes to find a treatment that will not bring much bad side effect. Finally they saw an article on newspaper. The article is about a doctor how he cured the cancer patient without any bad side-effect. So Tong’s family make a call and email Tong’s medical report to Chinese Master. After a few days, they went and met Chinese Master.

Chinese Master provided her two big pack of Breast Cancer Herbs and intensive acupuncture treatment. She took the Chinese herbs 2 packs a day after the acupuncture. After a 2 session, Tong is feeling better. She eat more, weight slowly gain back and feeling more strength. Tong and her family felling happy for this. So they keep coming every day.

After 15 session, she went back to hospital and have body check. Her doctor was so surprise because her cancer is cured.  No cancer cells found in her body. She was cured by the Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

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