Prostate Cancer

This article we will discuss about what is prostate cancer,the symptoms of prostate cancer, risk factor of prostate cancer and treatment for Prostate Cancer.

Prostate is a gland. Prostate have a small walnut shape. Prostate located next to rectum and below to the bladder.Everyday the Prostate will secretion about 2ml of prostate fluid. The prostate fluid is one of the important part of semen. Prostate fluid is to carry the sperm.

What is Prostate Cancer?

When the malignant tumor develops in the prostate tissue, we called it prostate cancer. The tumors develop because of prostate cells growth abnormal in prostate and grouped up. Prostate cancer will only affect men because prostate is a part of the male reproductions system.

Men who live in Europe and U.S are having higher risk in Prostate Cancer than the men who live in Western Countries. However, the research shows that the risk of Prostate Cancer is slowly growing in Western Countries. Other than this, men who are over 70 years old are very common to be diagnosed with a Prostate Cancer.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

In the early stage, Prostate Cancer does not show any symptoms because it grows very slow and in a hidden place. Most of the time, the men who had a prostate cancer did not know about it until they get a body check or when it become late stage of cancer and the symptoms occurs.  The prostate cancer can be detecting when the doctor run a PSA screening and digital rectal examination.

  • Unknown weight loss
  • anal canal and rectum feel soreness
  • Urinary very often
  • Feel not empty after urine
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Hard to start urinating and hard to keep it once he start
  • Bone pain


Causes of Prostate Cancer

The specific causes of prostate cancer are still unknown. The following is some of the risk factors:

  • Age : Men who older than 60 years old are in the higher risk level. Basically, after 45 years old when the men for each additional 10 years old the risk  will increase.
  • Family Prostate Cancer History : In the family member have prostate cancer history. If your relative such as your father or brother who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you are having more than 10 percent than other people to get a prostate cancer.
  • Race : Race is one of the most important factors. Africa-American people are having the higher risk to get a prostate cancer. But due to the latest research and data, had shows that the trend for Asia people to diagnosed with a Prostate Cancer are slowly growing.

Acupuncture and herbal treatment

Acupuncture and herbal treatment can help the men to treat the prostate cancer. Acupuncture and herbal cancer treatment system is a traditional treatment which originated from China. Acupuncture can reduce the pain and relieve hot flash from prostate cancer. Herbal Medicine can slowly regenerate the prostate without any bad effects. Using the acupuncture and Chinese medicine together is much more effective than only one of them.

If the Prostate Cancer detected earlier, the more higher chances to be treated.

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