3 Types of Prostate Cancer

There is 3 types of  Prostate cancer.

Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer

Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer is the most common prostate cancer. More than 90% of prostate cancer patient are having a Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer and due to the latest research on US more than 95% had been treated by the treatment. Prostate Adenocarcinoma grow very slow. Most of the patient did not know they have a Prostate Adenocarcinoma until the doctor due to the screening guidelines and run a test for the old man.

Small Cell Carcinoma

Small Cell Prostate Cancer is hard to detect than a Prostate Adenocarcinoma. It is a rare types of Prostate cancer.  If the Small Cell Carcinoma had been detected by the doctor, means that you are having an advantage of prostate cancer.

Prostate Sarcomas

Prostate Sarcomas is the most uncommon type of prostate cancer. Most of the men who are around 30 to 60 years old will be diagnosed with a Prostate Sarcomas. This type of Prostate cancer will spread to other organs and lungs having the most higher risk that will get spread by other organs. However, the cancer cells will also spread to liver, brain, bladder, rectum and bones.


Have a yearly body check can help you to detect the cancer early. Prostate Cancer is very easy to treat if you detect it at the early stage.

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