A Prostate Cancer survivor – Alex Lee –

Alex Lee had been diagnosed with a early stage of Prostate Cancer. Alex Lee run a yearly body check in the Hospital. His doctor decide to run a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test for Alex Lee because Alex Lee is 78years old now. Old man will have a higher risk to get a prostate cancer, his doctor said. So Alex Lee agreed to run PSA test.

After Alex Lee get his result, he is diagnosed with a prostate cancer in the early stage. Alex Lee was so surprise and sad. Alex Lee feel surprise because he didn’t have any sign or symptoms of cancer. He was so worry and scare, he did not know what to do. His doctor told him more than 95% of Prostate Cancer in the early stage can be treated by the treatment.

After a discussion with his doctor, he went back home and surf the web. He read a lot of articles about prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment. The treatment may bring A lot of  bad side effect such as urinary dysfunction,sexual dysfunction, loss of fertility to the prostate patient. He decided to find a prostate cancer with no side effect or maybe low side effect. After asking a few prostate cancer patient, they suggest Alex Lee to take a acupuncture or herbs to treat prostate cancer. They told him acupuncture and herbs can treat the prostate cancer without bring any side effect. Alex Lee remember his friend told him before, in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur had a Chinese Master, he can treat the cancer very well. Alex Lee ask for the phone number and address of the Chinese Master. The next day he meet Chinese Master in the acupuncture center.

Chinese Master suggest him to do a intensive treatment. He start to do acupuncture treatment everyday and taking two pack of  Chinese herbal everyday. After 14 session of treatment, Alex Lee went back to the hospital and run the prostate test again. The result show that is no cancer cells in his body. Alex Lee and his family was very happy for the treatment.

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