True Story of Acupuncture Treatment

This is a true story about a patient suffer from stroke which causing his right side body become paralyzed. His name is Mr. Teoh, 52 years old. He was still in recovery process from stroke when he fell and get injured his head. This caused his another blood dot not operable since his body was in a very weak condition. Therefore, he had to take a lot of medication which about 10 – 12 tablets per day.

Unfortunately, he also suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes. This worsened his condition. One day, his son gets suggestion from his friend’s father to try getting treatment from Chinese Master. His son agrees with the suggestion and went to see Chinese Master for some consultation session about his father’s condition.

After the consultation session done, Chinese Master suggests Mr. Teoh to undergo neuro acupuncture treatment. This is because neuro acupuncture treatment will help stimulate back the Qi flow in Mr. Teoh’s brain. Stroke happen because of the brain cells are starved of oxygen causing some cells to die and leaving other cells damaged when the blood supply to the brain was disturbed in some way.

Since his son cannot bring Mr. Teoh to meet Chinese Master yet, Chinese Master gives him some brain powder herbs that need to be taken by Mr. Teoh at home. The brain powder herbs that given by Chinese Master were based on the medical report that brought by his son.

Mr. Teoh was given the brain powder herbs twice a day. Apart from the brain powder herbs, he also had been given two packets of herbal medicine per day that obtained from Chinese Master. After 5 days taking the medicine, Mr. Teoh showed a lot of improvement. He can move his fingers and toes. Besides, his speech also improved and felt much stronger than before.

A week later, Mr. Teoh was discharged from hospital and his son continued to bring him to Chinese Master. As promised, Chinese Master will give him a neuro acupuncture treatment. Chinese Master asks him to do intensive acupuncture treatment which was 3 times a day. He undergoes the acupuncture treatment daily.

After 2 weeks of intensive neuro acupuncture treatment, he could walk with assistance. Moreover, his glucose level and blood pressure also stable. He could get up on his own and his right arm and leg become stronger. His son and whole family were very happy with the changes. Mr. Teoh continues the neuro acupuncture treatment until he fully recovered.

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