Bell Palsy Syndrome

Bell Palsy is a facial paralysis that occurs because of the dysfunction of facial nerves. This was resulting the sufferer is unable to control their facial muscles on the affected side. There are about 25/100 000 person develop Bell Palsy per year. It will increase a little with age and a little higher incidence in the winter. Bell palsy can attack both gender. There are only small differences in rates among genders and races.

Below are some pictures of patients that suffer from Bell Palsy Syndrome:

Bell Palsy attacks on the right side of the man’s face.

Same goes to this man.

Also to this man.

The actual causes of Bell Palsy still cannot be detected yet. As people thought, Bell Palsy occurs because of herpes simplex virus infections. However, there are a lot of possibilities that lead to Bell Palsy such as HIV infection, diabetes, sarcoid, and various cancers.

Besides that, CNS disorder, neoplasm, infectious disease (Lyme disease) and trauma also may cause Bell Palsy. Moreover, other viruses that believed as Bell Palsy’s causes are Epstein-Barr which is causes mononucleosis and also cytomegalovirus.

So, you must keep very concern about your daily living health.

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