Slipped Disc Overview

What is Slipped Disc ?

Slipped Disc also called herniated disc and ruptured intervertebral disc, it is a type of back pain. Slipped Disc is the Annulus Fibrosus disruption, the gel inside the spine leaks out and place a pressure or irritated the spinal cord or nerve fibre. People between 30-60 years old are having the high risk to diagnosed with a Slipped Disc.

The following is the average age for Slipped Disc Patients:


Average Slipped Disc Patient Age

The most common symptoms of Slipped Disc that experience by the patient is back pain, they will have lower back pain, neck pain or sciatica. Due to research, patient will have a different of degrees of back pain and 80% of patient will experience lower limb pain. A back pain is the most early common symptoms that the patient have to face. Due to research, Slipped Disc patient is continuous growing rapidly. Slipped Disc patient is increasing because this disease is related to our life and working habits. Poor Posture is the most common causes of the back pain and creating the pressure for the disc.

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