Slipped Disc Causes

A lot of factors can causes slipped disc. In most of the cases, increasing age is related with disc degeneration. When age increase the water, calcium and vitamin in our bones will loss. Lumber disc degeneration earlier than others organ. It is because lumber have to overtaken the weight of oppression, the lumber do a lot of extension and buckling or others activities´╝îall of this activity will causes the lumber easier to wear and extrusion, especially the lower lumber disc.

The most causes of Slipped Disc

  • Age increasing causes the water, calcium and vitamin loss in the bones.
  • Longer using not proper posture when sitting, standing or bending.
  • Overweight.
  • Occupation related such as long time sitting or standing, or maybe the job have to carry heavy object most of the time.
  • Injury such as car accident.
  • Increasing abdominal pressure such as severe coughing


To avoid the slipped disc we can use the correct posture while sitting, standing or carry the heavy object. Do some exercise after sitting or standing for a long time. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can treat slipped disc more effective.

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