Anemia Risk Factors and Causes

In the previous article, we had know a little bit basic about what is anemia. In this articles, we will talk about what causes anemia. To understand the risk factor that causes anemia is very important because once we understand what causes anemia so then we can avoid from it.

What the risk factor and causes of Anemia ?

  1. Blood Loss -Blood loss is the most common cause anemia. Example of blood loss is heavy menstrual, wounds, gastritis and cancer bleeding and etc.
  2. Pregnancy - Pregnant women need more iron than normal people because during the pregnant period a pregnant women body will produce the blood very fast. If once the blood have less red blood cell, it will develop anemia.
  3. Unhealthy Diet – If a diet is lack of iron may cause the red blood cells decrease. The body need iron to produce red blood cells. It is one of the mineral in red blood cells.
  4. Medications – some of the cancer treatment , radiation and antibiotics will damage our bone marrow. If bone marrow damage, it will produced less or change the red blood cells.
  5. Infection or Disease – Cancer,kidney disease, AIDSĀ  may causes the red blood cell decrease.

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