Thalassemia is a type of inherited blood disease. When the production of hemoglobin is having problem then will develop Thalassemia. The main role of hemoglobin is to carry the oxygen to the whole body of tissues and organs from the lung. Thalassemia  is passed down from one or both of the parents. If one of the parent (Father or Mother) have Thalassemia, their child will develop a mild thalassemia. If both of the parents also have Thalassemia, their child will develop Thalassemia. If a person have Thalassemia, they may have a mild anemia also. Thalassemia can affect both male and female.

The major type of thalassemia is beta thalassemia and alpha thalassemia. Hemoglobin is  created using beta globin and alpha globin. When two genes (HBA1 and HBA2) in hemoglobin is missing or change alpha thalassemia will occur with anemia. Beta thalassemia will occur when it having problem to produce beta globin.

Thalassemia can be detected through a blood test. If you have Thalassemia, you may need to have some treatment. Thalassemia can be treated using acupuncture and chinese herbal. Thalassemia acupuncture and herbal treatment can smoothly treated the patient without bad side effect. If you only have a mild thalassemia, you may not need a treatment. But if the thalassemia with anemia you will need a treatmenet as fast as possible, so it can make the treatment period short.

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