Diabetes Acupuncture Treatment

Raonah M. Salleh, 34 years old lady from Singapore was suffering from diabetes and her glucose level was 91. Her Qi flow was very low and her blood did not flow smoothly. She was complaining that her throat always dries. At that time, she would feel very tired and sleepy. Sometimes, she would sweat a lot than normal with hot flushes. Moreover, her appetite for food also decreases and always feeling very thirsty. When she doing some work, she would feel tired easily and her right arm much weaker than before.

Previously, she had consulted with many specialists in Singapore about her diabetes but no one of them could give her good result. She felt very desperate and really wanted to free herself from this dread disease. She did not want her diabetes become worst until causing her legs to be amputated.

One day, while she was surfing the internet, she suddenly found a Chinese Master Diabetes treatment website that using acupuncture treatment technique to treat his patients. She was very keen to try that diabetes acupuncture treatment. So, she gave Chinese Master who was staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a call and told him about her condition.

After a long conversation with the Chinese Master, she finally decided to make an appointment with Chinese Master and get diabetes treatment from him. She came to Kuala Lumpur with her husband after completing all her works and took 2 days of leave. They stayed at the nearest hotel to the Chinese Master Treatment centre.

On the appointment date, she told Chinese Master more about her condition before and after she had been diagnosed as having diabetes. After knowing her condition, Chinese Master decided to diagnose her condition back and found that not only diabetes but she also had insufficient heart’s Qi (energy) and generally low spleen’s Qi (energy).

Thus, she had received Diabetes Neuro Acupuncture Treatment on her head, hands, and legs from Chinese Master. The purpose of the acupuncture is to balance back her Qi flow in her body and treat the diabetes by regenerating and revitalizing her organ. She could feel the improvement in her entire body after undergoing the first session of Diabetes Neuro Acupuncture Treatment.

After a few session of Diabetes Neuro Acupuncture Treatment with Chinese Master, she already could feel her both legs were not in pain anymore. Each session of acupuncture treatment took only 35 minutes and all of the pain was gone. It was very terrific!

Chinese Master advised her to further the Diabetes Neuro Acupuncture Treatment once in a week or once in a month so that she can fully recover. Apart from that, she was advised to take one packet of Diabetes Herbal Medicine daily. Now, she could feel her diabetes condition was reduced and the glucose level also decreasing.

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