Fast Backache Treatment

Mr. Maniam, 46 years old man works as a technician. Since he was hospitalized as a result of falling from a ladder while working, he has been suffering from backache for the past 2 years. He was admitted to a local hospital for about 4 days and then released with medication. There was nothing to be done because he injured his right hip bone.

Even though was declared as cure by the doctor, he still can feel the pain sometimes. This prohibits him from climbing ladders during working. When he works for long hours, his lower back become very pain. It also aches when he wakes up in the morning.

He was recommended by one of his friends to meet Chinese Master. Chinese Master is a well-known physician and had treated many people with many types of illness before. After having a few consultation sessions with Chinese master, he was advised to undergo slipped disc acupuncture treatment.

He undergoing 3 sessions of acupuncture treatment a week and taking slipped disc herbal medicine daily. At the end of the first week, he notice that his back pain reduced to almost 50%. He was very surprised and happy.

Besides that, Chinese Master also gives him some guidelines on changing his lifestyle to facilitate his recovery which including the dietary and managing the stress. Now, he seems more healthy and energetic after completing the backache acupuncture treatment with Chinese Master in 2004 about one month.

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