ADD Syndrome Kid

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is kids that have problem with attention spend and learning problem. These may include restlessness and short attention spend, don’t listen to orders and have problem in learning and scoring good marks in examinations. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is sometimes known as hyperkinetic disorder.

To be more clear, here is the example:

The behavior of ADD Syndrome kid.

The above video shows a boy with ADD Syndrome which is included in autism category. As you can see, he do not have real eye-contact when people talk to him.

Beside that, he cannot understand much about what people told him to do. He tends to do what he wants only.

Moreover, he seems like can’t sit still and looks very busy. The boy also making his own noise while playing.

Thus, for those who had facing this problem, they need to find suitable treatment immediately before the behavior become worse.

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