Natalie, The Cerebral Palsy Syndrome Sufferer

Natalie from USA.

Natalie, a cute little girl from USA had suffered from Cerebral Palsy Syndrome (Spastic Diplegia) which are having difficulty in walking, standing, holding, and balancing her body because both of her arms and legs get affected. This causing the muscles in her hips and legs become tight then turn the legs inwards and cross at the knees called scissoring while her hands and fingers cannot be moved.

The following video shows how actually Natalie’s condition:

To lighten her suffering, her mother has brought Natalie to Malaysia for undergoing a Neuro Acupuncture Treatment by a famous Chinese Master. Natalie received the treatment from Chinese master for six months.

Natalie and her mother.

Natalie in neuro acupuncture treatment sessions.

Acupuncture needles on Natalie’s head.

Beside doing neuro acupuncture treatment, Natalie also need to do other therapy. The purpose of the therapy is to soften her stiff legs, hips, and arms muscles.

Natalie doing sit up exercise.

Walking exercise for Natalie.

Now, Natalie already can ride a bicycle, can stand up straight, holding things and so on before they going back to USA after six months of her earnest efforts with the neuro acupuncture treatment and therapies.

cerebral palsy

Natalie riding a bicycle with smile.

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