How to prevent a Slipped Disc

The following is some things that can help us to prevent a back pain or slipped disc.



Exercise can help your bones and back muscle to be more stronger and your nervous system will be more agile to response in the activities, your action will be more balance and accurate. It means that your lumber will not easy to get injury. The exercise such as aerobics, jogging, sit-up and Tai-Chi are the most recommended to prevent the slipped disc and back pain.


Correct technique to lifting

Lifting the heavy object using a right technique and correct postures. This can avoid to get injury when lifting the object.

  • Make sure you can manage the weight. If you can please use other machine to lifting the object.
  • If you can manage the weight. You should slightly bend down your back, knee, hips and use both of your hand to carry the object.
  • keep your head and look ahead when you carry the load.


Correct posture when sitting or standing

A correct posture when you sitting and standing can reduce your chance from getting a back pain or Slipped disc.  Give a break for yourself after you sitting in front of the computer for every hour. If you are working in office, make sure that you are sitting comfortable and do not sit for too long after an hour go out an walking around.


Overweight will push your stress to your lumber. Control your weight can reduce your back pain risk.


Quit smoking

Tobacco have some ingredients that will thickening of the walls of blood vessel. The blood vessel wall will having  ischemia and hypoxia problem.  Quit smoking will also can avoid other disease such as cancer, high blood pressure and others disease.

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