“Little Professor Syndrome”

“Little Professor Syndrome” sometimes being called for Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is one of autism category and it is a mild autism syndrome. Many people do not realize if their children having asperger’s syndrome or not. This is because asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder, not a mental illness.

If you want to know more about what is Asperger’s Syndrome, you can go [here].

So, to identify the asperger’s syndrome, you can check this signs and symptoms on your child:

  • Have trouble in making friends.
  • Have trouble in understanding what other people thinking.
  • Hard to recognize other people emotions and facial expression.
  • Do not like changes in school, work, or home life routines.
  • Love to move in repetitive ways.
  • Are often being bullied in school.
  • May be clumsy while walking or playing sport.
  • Often learn to speak and read very late or very early.
  • Not interested or have difficulty understanding in pretend play.
  • Have extremely good memory.
  • Have strong interest or hobby (such as TV shows, computer games, or sport statistics).
  • Sensitive to loud noise or touch.
  • Have trouble understanding whether someone is joking or not.
  • Also not being able to understand when other people using language that is not accurate in meaning.

Usually, people with asperger’s syndrome have greatest problem in communication. This is because they are:

  • Always feeling lonely and unwanted.
  • Like doing or saying same thing over and over again which other people might think it is annoying.

Even though people with asperger’s syndrome seem not interesting at all, but they may have very good talents such as:

  • Have a special interest that they will become experts in it.
  • Can see and remember the details of things that other people miss.
  • May act in a way that is sensible.
  • Very good in remembering systems, law, rules and important facts (useful in many types of work).
  • Can perform well in drawing, math, science, computer programming, photography, music, acting, or painting.
  • Like doing same thing for many times where some people find it very boring.

Thus, if we send them for treatment, we will be able to balance their talent with their behavior. Who knows, maybe one day they will become a successful person and served the nation well.

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